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How To Do A Self Color Analysis With Your Color Analysis Cards

How To Do A Self Color Analysis With Color Analysis Cards

Discover your color type within the Your Color Style™ system with these 6 color analysis cards.

Step 1. Order your color analysis cards

Step 2. Watch the video below

Step 3. Order your color kit

Order Your Color Analysis Cards

Each card has the colors that only that color type will look good in. There is a card for each of the color types: Soft & Warm, Soft & Cool, Bright & Warm and Bright & Cool… plus one with Warm Neutrals and one with Cool Neutrals.

Seeing the colors in person will help you make some decisions on what colors look best on you. Hold them up to your face. Compare the colors to the colors of your clothes. Have your friends and family share in the fun!

Each card is 5.5″ x 7.25″ on 14pt silk finish card stock

Still confused? Order a professional color analysis. It’s easy and you can finally stop guessing and wasting money on clothes that don’t look or feel good on you.

Am I Light, Medium or Deep?

The color analysis cards are perfect for determining your color type, but they don’t tell you your depth. This is because it’s a fairly easy thing to determine with out fussing with cards.

Your depth is how deep or fair you are. If you have very light hair, eyes and skin, then you are “Light”.

If you have medium dark hair OR eyes, then you are “Medium”.

If you have very dark hair OR eyes, then you are “Deep”.

  • Light = wear the lightest colors of your color fan (C – F)
  • Medium = Wear as dark as B on your color fan
  • Deep = Wear as dark as A on your color fan

Order Your Color Kit

If you’ve figured out your color type, then order your color kit and start editing your wardrobe. It’s time to make room for clothes that only look amazing on you.

1 thought on “How To Do A Self Color Analysis With Your Color Analysis Cards

  1. Hi Jen, I can not help myself. I see your pinkish skin so clearly (a cool undertone). I also see your Summer personality with a Spring secondary. The Spring types love variability, many options, quick changes and colourfulness. Your choices of hairstyle, dresse, jewelry and its color are much more Summer type’s than a Spring type’s. Etc.
    I’m pretty sure you are a Light Summer. For example David Zyla talks about himself as a Warm Autumn. But his very pink translucent skin, gracious movements and talk, artisty soul etc. are so much Summery.
    I understand it very well. To know oneself is the most hardest thing. That’s why EVERY STYLIST NEEDS A STYLIST.
    I’m appreciating all your work all the years, but I’ve had to say it. Sorry.

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