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Comfy in your Pajamas for Netflix and Chill

Whether you like the freedom of a nice shirt nightgown with long sleeves, a matching pajama set, or a pair of drawstring night pants with a graphic tee, nightwear is the right wear for chilling alone or Netflix and chill.

Here are a few tips on picking out the perfect pair of nightwear to suit your sleeping needs.

When shopping for PJs:

  1. You can never go wrong with soft fabrics like cotton or silk. If you are a person that hates to feel cold fabric, then cotton is the preferred choice.
  2. Keep it simple with easy to slip on designs so that after a long day you can be comfortable in a snap.
  3. If you are one that likes to watch a movie and order pizza, then drawstring pants and a graphic tee are most appropriate for answering the door.
  4. Have fun with patterns and graphic tops!
  5. Stay away from bright and loud colors because it can keep you awake.
  6. And don’t forget a pair of warm and cozy slippers to keep your toes toasty.

How do you like to shop for your PJs?


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