“Imagine A Custom Capsule Wardrobe Based On Your Seasonal Coloring, Lifestyle, Personality and Body Type”

From the Desk of Jen Thoden
March 11, 2016

How many times have you stared at your closet muttering hopelessly… “I have nothing to wear!”?

Or worse, you’ve gone shopping. You bought yourself a random collection of items… only to discover that nothing really goes together.

Or you put on that outfit you saw modeled in the store… but you look huge in it! Nothing looks right. Ugh. Hate that.

IMAGINE if you had the perfect selection of items in your closet that mixed and matched… all appropriate for your body type… your personality… your lifestyle… your coloring… and your budget.

Imagine shopping with confidence because you’ll know EXACTLY what to buy to create dozens of outfits. Better yet… imagine being able to combine different pieces of clothes like a professional stylist… designing a stunning outfit that makes you simply GLOW.


My name is Jen Thoden and I’m a certified personal stylist and color consultant. My passion is color and I LOVE transforming women from drab and tired… to stunning and glowing. I’ve seen it over and over again.Not only do my clients look 100% better in their perfect colors… they stand different… they walk different… they feel good… they transform into a woman with confidence, style and flare.

Color is amazing, but it’s not everything. My clients are thrilled with their personal seasonal color analysis! No doubt. But for some of them, knowing their perfect colors isn’t enough. One client works in a corporate environment and wants to dress stylishly in her colors without looking like a man.

My style guides show LOTS of great ways to combine and wear your seasonal colors… but I’ll admit that not all outfit styles are appropriate for every body type or style personality.

That’s why I’ve decided to offer a customized style service that is designed to show you a collection of clothes that are perfect for YOU.


A professionally styled outfit that is ideal for your body type PLUS is in your perfect colors can make all the difference in a day. You feel beautiful… you walk with more confidence… you’ll love looking in the mirror… you’ll smile… you will literally GLOW!

I’ve seen so many beautiful women get it wrong. They may we wearing the right color on top… but then they’ve paired it with the WRONG accessories or pants… and instead of looking great… they look frumpy and mismatched. Just a little off.


It’s easy to dismiss not needing a perfectly styled outfit… but you DESERVE to look and feel beautiful everyday. It’s not like it takes anymore time to add one accessory that will set you apart and have people wondering what you’ve done differently.

This is what inspired me to offer you my “Custom Capsule Wardrobe and Personal Style Profile” !

30+ Unique Outfit Ideas Designed For YOU

With your “Custom Capsule Wardrobe and Personal Style Profile”, we’re going to get personal. I’m going to create a personalized style profile that identifies all the unique qualities about YOU. Then for one lifestyle of your choice (corporate, casual, business casual, special event, combination) I will pull together a collection of items that you can mix and match to create at least 30 professionally styled outfits.


A high-end professional styling service that will show you exactly what you need in your closet to mix and match to create 30+ amazing outfits that fit your lifestyle, personality, seasonal coloring and body type… You’ll Dress With Confidence and Style Everyday!
Here’s What You Get:
STEP 1: Seasonal Color Analysis

Knowing your season is critical to the success of your professional styling service. I CAN create a custom wardrobe for you based on the colors you tell me you love… but I want you to know that everything I pick out for you will look AMAZING on you. Not just OK. This service is for YOU. You deserve the best.

If you have already had a seasonal color analysis done… either by more or someone else… then you can skip this step.

Yes, the seasonal color analysis is an optional upgrade to the Custom Capsule Wardrobe and Personal Style Profile. You can add it when you order the styling service below.

STEP 2: Your Style Profile

Custom Capsule Wardrobe and Personal Styling ServiceWhen you first sign up, you will receive a questionnaire via email. This is where I pull all of your details together to create your style profile. Your style profile will include your size, height, body type, style notes, seasonal coloring, style personality, your favorite colors and your occupation.

I also take into account your personal preferences, like, where you like to shop, your general budget, your physical condition (ex. you can’t wear heels higher than 2″) and anything else you want to tell me.


STEP 3: Your Style Goals

Once I’ve gotten a good picture of who you are and what you like, we’ll define your style goals. This is when you describe to me what type of capsule wardrobe you want. You may work in a corporate environment and need professional styling to dress professional and with stylish flair. You may want a casual capsule wardrobe that you can easily wear in warm weather. Or maybe you want a combination of business casual and weekend casual with items that can be worn in both environments. Are you going on a special vacation? Perhaps you want a capsule wardrobe that you can use for your trip.

Yes, you can have more than one capsule wardrobe designed for you. You can choose to add this to your order now, or you can add another at any time. Once we have your style profile, you can request additional styled outfits at any time.

STEP 4: Your Current Closet

Do you have anything you want to include in your capsule wardrobe? You may have a top that you love but you never really knew what to wear it with. I can roll it into the capsule and give you some ideas.

STEP 5: Your Review

It is absolutely important to me that you love your professionally styled wardrobe. If there is anything in the collection of items that you simply don’t like, I’ll switch them out. I want you to LOVE your capsule wardrobe.

STEP 6: Your Personal Style E-Booklet (PDF)

Once you’ve approved your capsule wardrobe, I will send you your personal style e-booklet in PDF format. This e-booklet will have your style profile, style notes, style tips, visual list of capsule items and 30+ professionally styled outfits using the clothes in your capsule wardrobe.

STEP 7: You Shop!

Once you’ve received your capsule wardrobe, you’ll have the perfect shopping list! You may already have some of the items, so you can quickly check those off!

My Custom Capsule Wardrobe and Personal Style Profile
Is Only $197


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