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Deep Autumn vs Deep Winter – Seasonal Color Analysis

Deep Autumn vs Deep Winter - Seasonal Color Analysis

What’s the difference between deep autumn and deep winter? Are you having a tough time trying to understand where you fit between the two seasons? Both have dark eyes and dark hair but that’s where the similarities end. Watch this video where I break down deep autumn and deep winter and help you to understand the key differences that will make it easy for you to decide if you’re a deep autumn or a deep winter in seasonal color analysis.

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2 thoughts on “Deep Autumn vs Deep Winter – Seasonal Color Analysis

  1. Another helpful teaching video, Jen. Something that confused me before was not understanding the light-med-deep part of all this. If you are deep you may not like yourself in the light versions of your colors at all. Thanks again!

  2. Well thank you. Going by this my skin is deep cool. It’s dark but a dark cool. However in some photos it looks golden like Eva.
    I think I’ll just wear whatever. Trying to figure out where I fit has been such a long tiring search. All I know is it caused an expensive toxic wardrobe syndrome and years of confusion. Blondes and red heads seem far easier to type. I do think that there are neutrals like some stylists believe. Ie: Justine Le Conte.
    These starlets if you look them up in their natural unmade face and true hair are far different than when bronzed.
    Personally I feel Kim can carry both.
    Cheers. M

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