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Does Not Going Grey Feel Like An Imposter?

Does Not Going Grey Feel Like An Imposter?

Jen Thoden reads a letter from a woman that is torn with going naturally grey or coloring her hair? Which way should she go? Jen also shares a tip to growing out your grey roots gracefully.

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2 thoughts on “Does Not Going Grey Feel Like An Imposter?

  1. Very good! When I was still working and my hair was grey a woman in a professional meeting stood up and told me I should dye my hair. My response was I had earned every one of those grey hairs and I was keeping them!
    If you look around, especially on Pinterest you can see an incredible variety of beautiful grey hair. May I suggest finding a hair dresser who is positive about going grey and will work with your client and not berate her as some do? Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for this information on ombre coloring for those of us transitioning into grey.

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