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Fashion Favorites: …is gold!

The girl that wears the gold rules… at least the attention of the room she’s in. Gold is a magnetic metallic color that commands attention and looks great on almost every skin tone.

No longer is this a color that’s just for the evening, you can wear the color gold during the day too. Here are a few tips on wearing gold during the day to make a major fashion statement:

  • If wearing gold during the day, add white to soften the color.
  • If you’re not bold enough to wear gold clothing during the day, opt for gold accessories like a handbag or jewelry.
  • Shoes with gold accents are absolutely stunning for the office. Look for black shoes that have gold trimmings for maximum style.
  • Gold nail polish is also an amazing choice for adding a little glamour to your day fashion!

What do you think of the gold trend? Do you dare to wear?

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