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Fashion Favorites: Paying Homage to Gucci

Founded in 1921 by designer Guccio Gucci, the fashion label has an impact in the world of music, especially hiphop since the early 80’s.

Rappers have always referenced Gucci clothing and accessories as a staple of success by reaching financial heights after fighting a struggle of being poor.

When a person says that they are “Gucci” it means that they are doing quite fine; when a rapper states that they are wearing their Gucci flipflops, they want you to know that they are financially secure enough to relax more and hustle less. If a rapper says that they are looking at their Gucci, they are usually referencing their watch because their times is valuable.

Yes, Gucci means that you have made it in the world of hiphop or you have reached the level of success in life to treat yourself to something stylish and expensive whether it is a pair of socks, a belt or a lipstick.

We are celebrating the excellent artwork of the master designers of Gucci and all of the beauty that they have added to the world of fashion.

Do you own or have you any Gucci pieces? What are your favorite pieces by Gucci? Who is your favorite Gucci designer?

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