Cookie Lyons is not just the queen of her Empire, she is also a fashion icon that has dared to be different and change the way we see music mavens and momagers.

While she may run her Empire business like a tough cookie, she never fails to give us a little of her soft and sensual side when she dresses… but be careful because she never lets her guard down.

Have you wanted to try her style and make it your own? If you are a fan of all of the leopard that she wears, you are going to love her sweet and simple side too, which is very classy and stylish.

Try a floral metallic dress with a faux fur shawl and basic black pumps, and your look is all about business with a little play.

The color in the photo of Cookie is for a Clear Winter. The items to the right and below are for a deep winter.

What do you think of Cookie Lyons look? Would you dare to wear?