This outfit can be dressy or casual. Wear just the sweater dress with the scarf, leggings and boots for an amazing look. If you want to dress it up even more… put on some black knee high boots with a heel. Now, that’s hot! For a more casual look, keep the brown boots and add the sweater. You’ll be warm, comfy and ready for anything.

Style Tip

This dress is form fitting… if you’ve got a few bulges, consider some shape wear to smooth things out. Even the thinnest woman could benefit from wearing an under garment that smooths out the silhouette.

This is an ideal outfit for a pear shaped woman. To really slim down, wear black boots instead of brown. The brown boots will break up the color and may shorten your appearance. Make sure the sweater doesn’t end at the widest part of your hips or thighs. A cropped sweater at the waist would be perfect of one that ends a couple inches above your hips.

The scarf is key to the outfit. Since the colors are neutral, you can wear any scarf you want.

For an edgier look… wear a cropped leather jacket instead of the sweater.