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Style School: How To Create An Outfit – 5 Easy Steps

In this Style School lesson, I wanted to share with you the easy steps that I use everyday to create professionally styled outfits. This is a lot of fun!

Step 1: Know your perfect colors. If you don’t know what your seasonal color palette is,take the online quiz or sign up for my personal seasonal color analysis! If you are a subscriber to this blog, then you get a free personal color analysis. Just send me an email at

Step 2. Create your basic. Your basic could be a dress, or a top and bottom. Let’s start with creating a top and bottom basic for this first example. Pick a top that’s in your color palette.

Let’s pretend that you are a soft summer and you pick out a pretty soft mauve-pink sweater.

How To Create An Outfit

Step 3. Complete your basic. We have a top, but now we need a bottom. Before you move forward with choosing the next piece of clothing, you should refer to your seasonal color wheel. Looking at your soft summer color wheel guide, you find an analogous color combination that has your sweater’s pink it.

Soft Summer Color Wheel - Analogous Color CombinationAn analogous color combination is a set of colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. I’ve circled where the pink lives on the color wheel. Notice that it is the lightest mauve-pink and is in between a light blue grey and a pretty pink.

The 2 colors in the center of the wheel are 2 neutrals that you can use in your outfit.

When you look at the light blue grey, you discover that you have a pair of jeans in that shade. You’re going for a relaxed, casual look, so this is perfect!

It’s always a good idea to keep in mind how you might wear an item like a sweater. To work? Out with friends? Casual? I like to create a story around my outfits. What vibe to I want to give off? Who do I want to be when I wear this outfit?

For this outfit, you decide that you want to be casual, preppy with an edge. So, the pair of distressed jeans is perfect for this look. Obviously, if you were going for business casual, the jeans wouldn’t work.

How To Create An Outfit
Great! Now you have your basic! Let’s move on to the next step…

Step 4. Add in an outer layer. An outer layer could be a blazer, vest, coat, poncho, cardigan, sweater, denim jacket or leather jacket. For this outfit, we find a nice coat in the same blue-grey color found in the color wheel.

How To Create An Outfit - Jen Thoden

Step 5. Add at least one accessory. Accessories could be a scarf, bag, fun shoes, statement jewelry or hat. I always love adding a scarf to my outfits. You look back at your color palette and decide to add a scarf in the third color in your color scheme… the pink. To complete the outfit you find a pair of pumps and a bag in that same pink.

Since, we’re going for preppy, I found a button down shirt in the same mauve-pink and layered it under the sweater. I’m treating the shirt and sweater as one “top” item. Although, you could count the shirt as the top and the sweater as the outer-layer. These are just guidelines and you can always add in your own personal flair.

How To Create An Outfit - Jen Thoden

Wasn’t that fun?!

Would you like me to walk you through putting together a second outfit?

Click NEXT PAGE to do this process again with a sweater dress…

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