How To Create A Custom Color Palette

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How to create your own color palette contains the most brilliant method of finding outfits in my closet that I have ever encountered. thank you!!!

How to Create Custom Color Palettes

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Wow! I love this guide. I’m familiar with color through fine art, but how you’ve explained the different color combinations and given visual examples helps so much. Sometimes it’s hard to translate from colors to a clothing ensemble.

I really appreciate the free resource. It’s very helpful.

Thank you!


Everyone seen Jen's new free ebook ? I love it, great info on how to create a personal color palette the easy way .


Great ideas on wardrobing! I’ve never heard these ideas before, thank you.


Who is this e-book for?

This step-by-step e-book is designed to help anyone learn how to create a custom color palette so that you can create a stylish mix-and-match wardrobe that is completely you... all in the colors you love.

Plus, you can apply these same principles to interior decorating and sewing projects.

Yes! These same concepts can be used for men, but the guide is designed with women's images.

That is such an interesting e book! Thank you for all of your time and effort that must have gone into creating it


Jen was very generous in providing this ebook gift!!! 🙂 It's filled with lots of great info.


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