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How To Make Money With Your Color Style

There are a few ways you can make money with Your Color Style. If you’re interested in learning how to make some extra money, wanting to start your own business or are just curious… I’ve listed out the different ways you can make money with us.

The Affiliate Program

As an affiliate, you earn 20% on all referred orders. It’s really easy to be an affiliate:

  1. Sign up for an affiliate account
  2. Recommend a product to a friend and give them your affiliate link
  3. When they make a purchase on our site, you earn 20%. This includes the color analysis service at $297 and the certification program at $1297.

Some affiliates have their own blogs and recommend products that are related to their blog posts.

Some affiliates host “color parties” where they gather a group of friends and family and color analyze each other using the Color Style Kits. Then, the host collects the orders through their affiliate link. We take care of the rest and the affiliate earns 20% on all sales.

Professional Certification

As a certified Your Color Style Coach, you can charge people for a professional color analysis. That fee is 100% yours. You can charge up to $297 for a professional color analysis.


You will be set up as an affiliate and earn 25% on all referred orders.

You will also be given an opportunity to set up a wholesale account to maximize your earning potential.

We have current coaches who added this service and skill to their current stylist business. We have other coaches that took the leap and got certified to start their own business.

The professional certifications not only teaches you how to do a a professional color analysis, it is also a business program where you will learn tips on how to build and grow your business, online or offline. It’s pretty exciting! My favorite part is my Inner Circle. All certified coaches are included in my Inner Circle where we continue our education together. There is a monthly live call plus a monthly newsletter designed to help you grow your business.

We also have affiliates enroll because they want to be better and smarter about color to recommend products.

Learn more about the Professional Color Analysis Certification Course.

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