When the temperatures are freezing and it’s snowing outside… we naturally gravitate to wintery colors… greys and blacks. Right? The idea of wearing a bright top almost seems counter-intuitive.

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But what about that bight top you have in your closet that you love? Or that pair of bright colored jeans? Are those only for spring and summer? How can you wear a bright color and not look like you’re going to the beach on a sunny day?

I’m going to share with you a few style tips that will spark your creative juices! You’ll be diving into your spring wardrobe to create some fun outfits!

Let’s start out with a bright turquoise turtleneck. This color, by the way, looks great on a light spring. The very fact that this is a sweater makes it easy to wear in the winter. So what do you wear with it so that you look more wintery than spring time?

How To Wear Bright Colors In The WinterFocus on the material of the item and the color. Don’t wear a light khaki cotton, for example. You’ll look off balance.

For a light spring, I pulled up a part of the color wheel and chose a warm camel color that goes beautifully with the turquoise. To balance out the weight of the turtle neck, I found some wool blend slacks in the camel color. Now, you look perfect!

How To Wear Bright Colors In The Winter

Let’s try something a little more challenging, like a pair of bright yellow jeans. These can easily be worn in the spring, but what about right now? This yellow can be found in Cool Winter and Clear winter. The featured photo shows colors only a clear winter can wear.

I’m going to stick with the cool winter color palette for this example. In the first example, I chose a bright pink that is from one of the triad color combos on the cool winter color wheel. The colors go beautifully together, but the light weight shirt makes this outfit more ideal for warm weather. On the other side of the same triangle of colors is a deep teal. I found a warm sweater in this cozy color… and voila! Thos bright yellow jeans look right at home in the cold weather.

How To Wear Bright Colors In The Winter

So, what if you love that bright pink button-down? How would you wear it? For this example, I referred to the Clear Winter color wheel. Clear winters look amazing in white and black. The first outfit, with white jeans, will look terrific on a clear winter… but for the spring. Instead, I put in black jeans. Still, it didn’t feel wintery.  Remember, the fabric really matters. I found a pull-over sweater in another pink from the clear winter color palette and now the shirt is perfect for the cold months!

How To Wear Bright Colors In The Winter

What bright colored item do you have that you’d love to wear in the cold weather? Send me a photo at jensoutfitideas@gmail.com and I may just feature your item along with ideas in my next “Closet Deep Dive” post!

Have fun and wear what you love!

Jen Thoden

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