How To Wear Maroon For A Warm SpringMaroon is a nice deep red and looks wonderful on a warm spring. The color palette you see to the left comes straight from the warm spring color palette. This is a complementary color scheme with read and green opposite each on the color wheel.

This creates a more dynamic look. The warm camel color is a perfect neutral. The featured photo displays this color scheme perfectly.

How else can a warm spring wear maroon? She can also combine colors that are next to her maroon on her warm spring color wheel.
warm spring paletteThis color palette is an analogous color scheme, meaning that the colors are right next to each other on the color wheel.

Here’s what an outfit in these colors would look like…


warm spring

EDITOR’S NOTE: I will say that the orange in this skirt is a little to0 bright and saturated for a warm spring. It’s OK but a more muted burnt orange would have worked better.

How To Wear Maroon For A Warm SpringHere is a very similar color scheme to the one above except that this orange is one step away from the maroon in the warm spring color wheel. I added in a warm taupe for the neutral.

I found an outfit that shows these colors perfectly.

How To Wear Maroon For A Warm Spring

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Here’s another outfit I found that uses maroon and the colors of warm spring beautifully…



Have fun and wear what you love!

Jen Thoden

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