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How to Wear Maroon For Your Seasonal Coloring

Maroon is a dark red and tends to be a warm, earthy color. You can imagine that you’ll find this color in the Autumn color palettes.

See which shade of maroon is perfect for your seasonal coloring. Then click on your season to see an outfit perfectly styled with your shade of maroon and colors from your color palette. If you want to shop for the item, simply click on the name to be taken to that online retailer.

Not sure what season you are? Take the What Season Am I? online color quiz to find out!

1. Wine Red Off The Shoulder Maxi Dress

This shade of maroon is like a deep red-orange. It will look beautiful on a:

2. Wine Red Round Neck Slim Bodycon Dress

This deep shade of red is perfect for a:

3. Black Swan Wine About It Dress

This shade of maroon is muted and softer than the others. It’s closer to the trending color “marsala”. It will look good on a:

4. Wine Red Cheesecloth Long Sleeve Casual Dress

This shade of maroon is the coolest shade in the collection. It definitely has some blue in it and looks like wine. This will look perfect on a:

5. Loila Wine Multi-Style Dress

This shade of maroon is almost brown and will look lovely on a:

6. Wine Red V Neck Zipper Loose Dress

This is a very true dark red. It will look amazing on a:

What about Clear Winter, Cool Summer, Cool Winter, Light Spring and Light Summer? These 5 seasons do not have maroon in their color palette… because it’s either too warm of a color or too dark. If you are one of these 5 seasons, I’d recommend you avoid maroon.

Make sure you click on your season’s name to see some outfit ideas using your perfect shade of royal blue!

Wear what you love!

Have fun and wear what you love!

Jen Thoden

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