cool winter Cool winter’s pink is a jewel tone pink. Almost a hot pink. Cool winters look amazing in pink! They can also wear a cool icy light pink, but I wanted to focus on a medium pink here. This color combo of pink and teal come straight from the cool winter color palette. On the color wheel this is a triad color scheme, meaning that the pink and teal create a triangle. The third color in the triangle is a sunshine bright yellow. I kept it simple and classy with a black coat. But you could easily swap out the coat for a bright yellow trench for the spring weather.

Here is another perfect color combination for a cool winter. Pink and navy. Really… navy paired with any color is nice. The colors in this photo are perfect matches to the cool winter’s colors. The model in this photo is NOT a cool winter. In fact, I think she’s rather warm and that pink doesn’t really work on her. But… nevertheless… the outfit is perfect for you if you’re a cool winter.

How To Wear Medium Pink For A Cool Winter

Try wearing all black with a pop of pink as a scarf, bag and beanie.

Or change it up and wear a teal sweater with a pink scarf.

Have fun and wear what you love!

Jen Thoden

Cool Winter Style Guide

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