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How To Wear Mustard For A Warm Autumn

How To Wear Mustard Yellow For A Warm Autumn
Warm Autumn’s mustard yellow is a warm goldenrod. I paired it with a warm turquoise. I love this color combo! Dark taupe is a perfect neutral for a warm autumn.

How To Wear Mustard For A Warm Autumn

In the featured photo (Photo via KendieEverday), she’s wearing a Warm Autumn mustard yellow cardigan. Her shoes are the bright coral pink from the warm autumn color palette. In fact, the entire outfit uses colors from the warm autumn color palette perfectly. So fun!

I found a photo where the model is wearing all of this pretty shade of yellow. It’s really quite stunning. I love the blue of the bag against the yellow.
How To Wear Mustard For A Soft Autumn

I found another outfit that uses a darker shade of this mustard yellow found in the warm autumn’s color palette. It’s paired beautifully with navy blue.

Yumi Skirt

Have fun and wear what you love!

Jen Thoden

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