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How To Wear Mustard Yellow

Mustard is a warm yellow. I think of mustard as a yellow with a little brown but that description really limits the color to super warm color palettes. So, I chose yellows that are slightly muted, golden or a little brown.

See which shade of mustard is perfect for your seasonal coloring. Then click on your season to see an outfit perfectly styled with your shade of mustard and colors from your color palette.

Not sure what season you are? Take the What Season Am I? online color quiz to find out!

1. Warm Autumn

Warm Autumn’s mustard yellow is a warm goldenrod. See some warm autumn outfit ideas with mustard yellow.

2. Warm Spring

This a bright golden yellow, perfect for a warm spring. See some warm spring outfit ideas with mustard yellow.

3. Clear Spring

Clear spring’s mustard yellow is a bright golden yellow. See some clear spring outfit ideas with mustard yellow.

4. Deep Winter

Deep winter’s mustard is a light muted yellow. See some deep winter outfit ideas with mustard yellow.

5. Deep Autumn

Deep Autumn looks right at home in mustard yellow. This color is warm with a little brown added. See some deep autumn outfit ideas with mustard yellow.

6. Light Spring and Soft Autumn

Light spring and Soft Autumn’s mustard is almost green. You may not be able to tell but when it’s next to a golden yellow you can see it. See some light spring outfit ideas with mustard yellow.
See some soft autumn outfit ideas with mustard yellow.

7. Light Summer

Light summer may be a cool palette but it has a soft, light, muted yellow. See some light summer outfit ideas with mustard yellow.

What about Cool Summer, Cool Winter, Clear Winter and Soft Summer? Cool summer and cool winter are too cool and do not have yellow in their color palette. Clear winter’s yellows are too cool and lemony to be considered mustard. Soft summer can’t wear yellow either.

Make sure you click on your season’s name to see outfit ideas using your perfect shade of turquoise!

Wear what you love!

Jen Thoden

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