How To Wear Your Colors In Creative and Stylish Ways

Once you know your season, you’re going to want to learn how to wear your colors in different ways. It’s one thing to wear a color from your color palette with jeans or a neutral. It’s another thing entirely to creatively combine that one color with other colors in your color palette… creating an outfit that looks like you hired a professional stylist!

One of the best tools I can offer you is your color wheel. Visit my Fashion Style Guides page and find your season’s color wheel. You are absolutely going to love it!

You can also be inspired by the many outfit ideas on this blog that are tagged in your season.

Or maybe you want a professional to pull together your outfits for you based on your body type, coloring and personality. If so, check out my Personal Style Profile and Custom Capsule Module service. It may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Introducing:  Jen Thoden’s How To Wear My Colors Series

Get ready to combine your best colors into stylish “wow” outfits with my best articles on wearing your perfect colors:

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