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How To Wear Olive Green For A Soft Autumn

soft autumn oliveSoft¬†Autumn’s olive green is a typical olive is not bright and pretty even between green and yellow. It is very earthy in tone. These colors are right next to each other on the deep autmn color wheel. The mustard yellow goes perfectly with this shade of olive green.

Here’s another great example of mustard yellow and olive green. These colors are perfect for a soft autumn…


Another color you could try with olive green is a soft slightly muted blue-green. That would be very interesting!
I found this mood board that shows exactly what I’m referring to…

don't look back

Soft autumns look amazing in analogous color schemes and monochromatic color schemes… different shades of one color.

I found this mood board that shows a monochromatic look in soft autumn olive green…

Not Drab Just Olive

Have fun and wear what you love!

Jen Thoden

Soft Autumn Style Guide

Download your soft autumn color wheel and color guide today!


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