How to Wear Olive-Greens

Olive green is a warm and earthy shade of green. To create olive green, you would add a little more yellow to green and then some red to brown it up. This means that very few color seasons can pull off olive green. You’ll notice that only the warm and earthy seasons can wear olive green.

See which shade of olive green is perfect for your seasonal coloring. Then click on your season to see an outfit perfectly styled with your shade of olive green and colors from your color palette. If you want to shop for the item, simply click on the name to be taken to that online retailer.

Not sure what season you are? Take the What Season Am I? online color quiz to find out!

1. Gucci- light silk Georgette top

This olive green is a brighter olive green and makes me think of spring. In fact, it is perfect for:

2. Marni- Wool pea coat

This olive green is rich and more brown. Very earthy and warm. It would look great on:

3. Two-Tone Light Olive Parka

This olive green is more green than brown. It looks perfect on a:

4. Anett Olive Green Leather Skirt

This olive green is the more muted and earthy shade of the collection. It will look great on a:

What about the other seasons? As I mentioned before, olive green is a very warm shade green. Most seasons can not tolerate this color. It’s either not bright enough, too warm or too earthy.

Make sure you click on your season’s name to see some outfit ideas using your perfect shade of olive green!

Wear what you love!

Jen Thoden

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