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How To Wear Pink For A Clear Spring

A clear spring’s pink is fuchsia. Clear springs look amazing in high contrast, super saturated colors. Anything less is just boring on a clear spring. I played around with a triad color scheme using the clear spring color palette. The colors that form a triangle on the¬†clear spring color wheel are fuchsia, teal and a warm golden yellow.

The featured image (via uses clear spring’s most intense fuchsia pink with the perfect golden yellow pants. The top is cream not white, which is perfect for a clear spring. Love this look!

clear spring I then took fuchsia pink and paired it with a teal on the color wheel. This teal is more green than blue and is a very interesting color combo. I paired this outfit with a great looking black leather jacket.


And here’s one more outfit idea with a fuchsia pink and a bright turquoise scarf. Another bright and vibrant color combination for a clear spring.

How To Wear Pink For A Clear Spring

Have fun and wear what you love!

Jen Thoden

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