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How To Wear Pink For A Clear Winter

Clear winter looks amazing in fuchsia pink. Their shade of fuchsia is a little on the purple side… keeping it a cooler pink than what a clear spring might wear. Clear winters look perfect in high contrast color combinations. The featured image uses a triad color scheme from the clear winter color palette. Pink and yellow create a triangle on the color wheel. The third color is turquoise. This blazer is a perfect shade of fuchsia pink for a clear winter. Love the white t-shirt and playful bright yellow pumps. Perfect!

clear winterAnother color combo for a clear winter is an intense medium pink with an olive green. These colors are opposite each other on the color wheel creating a very interesting color combination. The pink sweater that I used in this outfit is actually a little soft for what I was looking for. A more intense pink would be even better. Pinks that vibrate because they are so saturated are best on a clear winter. I added a black coat because black always looks good on a clear winter.

Have fun and wear what you love!

Jen Thoden

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