The color of the week is tomato red. Tomato red is a warm color and is recommended for people with warm undertones. Tomato red is true red with a touch of yellow added to it… giving it warmth.

When you look at the color wheel below, you can see 01 is true red. This is a neutral red… no blue or yellow added. 00 has some blue added and starts to go cool. 02 has yellow added and is warm. 02 is tomato red… a warm red.

Bright Color Wheel - Your Color Style - Jen Thoden

If you have cool undertones, then tomato red will not look great as a top. You’ll want to wear a color in your cool color palette close to your face. I’ve include 16 outfit ideas to inspire you. 8 outfits use the tomato red from the bright color wheel and 8 outfits use the tomato red from the soft color wheel. Click on an image below to see the outfit ideas.

If you’re not sure if you are soft or bright… or if you are warm or cool… download my free e-book What Colors Look Good On Me? You’ll also discover a lot color analysis support and advice within Your Color Style club.

BRIGHT Tomato Red

See 8 outfit ideas with bright tomato red

How To Wear Bright Tomato RedHow To Wear Bright Tomato Red With Neutrals

SOFT Tomato Red

See 8 outfit ideas with soft tomato red

How To Wear Soft Tomato RedHow To Wear Soft Tomato Red With Neutrals

Wear what you love!
Jen Thoden

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