I Don’t Know If I’m Bright or Soft

Confused between soft and bright? It’s ok. A LOT of people get stuck at this step. For some people, it’s really obvious that they are soft or bright. For others, it’s not so easy. Especially when you’re going grey or you feel like you’re in between bright and soft.

It’s even more confusing when you feel like you look good in both bright colors and softer colors. Which do you choose? Do you have to choose?

I consider myself bright, but I can wear softer colors too. Just because you type yourself as Bright, doesn’t mean you can’t wear the softer colors. And just because you type yourself as Soft, doesn’t mean you can’t wear the brighter colors.

Our goal, right now, is to identify your BEST colors. The colors that are in perfect harmony with YOU. Even though you may be able to wear both, which colors are truly your BEST?

Here are some options to help you figure out if you’re Bright or Soft…

Option #1: Submit your photo for a quick analysis

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Option #2: Order My Color Style Kit

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Option #3: Sign up for a professional color analysis.

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Option #4: Follow these general guides

You may not be ready to purchase anything yet. That’s totally ok. I share these options with you because I believe they will help you. Here are some guidelines that may also help you decide if you are bright or soft.

You may be BRIGHT if…

  • You have white hair
  • You have sparkly bright blue eyes
  • You have bright hazel eyes
  • You can wear brighter colors well
  • You have shiny black hair
  • You have super dark skin
  • You have a high contrast between your fair skin and dark hair
  • You have bright coppery red hair
  • You have light hair, eyes and skin

You may be SOFT if…

  • You have a blend of grey in your hair
  • You have a soft, almost blurry quality, to your eyes
  • You have soft grey-blue eyes
  • You have soft grey-green eyes
  • You have a mix of warm and cool tones
  • You can wear soft-greyed colors well
  • You have an ashy quality to your hair

When you’re ready, go back to BRIGHT or SOFT to continue with the quiz.


Jen Thoden

PS. If you’re still struggling with Bright vs Soft, please consider my quick analysis service. There’s no point in guessing.