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Is Syahidad a Deep Winter or a Deep Autumn?

Syah is a unique client because she is a rising style blogger! Her photos were excellent quality which made it very easy to do her analysis.

Her eyes are super dark and she desricbed her hair..

My natural hair color is a dark brown (not black). When the sun hits my natural hair, it becomes more obvious that my hair is brown, not black.

I knew she was a “deep” but it was hard to tell immediately if she was warm or cool.

I first put her in deep winter. The jewel tones of winter just didn’t set well on her.

When I put her in deep autumn, she looked perfect. Her undertones are warm.

On the left is Syah in deep winter and on the right deep autumn. See how good she looks in warm colors.
Syahidad - Personal Seasonal Color AnalysisDeep Autumn - Personal Seasonal Color Analysis

To drive the point home, just at how beautiful she looks in this warm golden dress! Only an autumn can pull this off.
Syahidad - Personal Seasonal Color Analysis

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Jen Thoden

PS. Syah’s style blog is at

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