Do you love jewelry as much as I do?

Jewelry is the perfect way to pop color and sparkle into your outfits. Even though I run a color business, I wear a lot of neutrals. Popping in color is my style. So, you'll always see me wearing statement necklaces, stacked bracelets and rings. LOVE.

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The Spring/Summer 2020 Collection

A Couple Things You Should Know

  • Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski

    I have the extreme pleasure of offering you jewelry by Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski. Your Color Style is a business consultant and will earn commissions on the purchases you make on my jewelry site. All customer service requests you have regarding your jewelry order should be through Touchstone Crystal.

    I chose Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski because I personally love their jewelry. There are so many different styles, colors and finishes. This is the best way to offer you an excellent product, with amazing customer support and affordable prices.

  • You Are Invited

    The Shop Jewelry button above will take you to my jewelry party page. This is an entry page into my site. It will ask you to accept my invitation to shop and then ask for your first and last name. This is for my marketing purposes only. Your name and email (if you enter it) will be used in the following way:

    • It shows me who is browsing my site (this helps me know the interest in a certain promotion)
    • If you enter your email, you will receive follow up info from Touchstone Crystal which you can opt out of at anytime
    • If you enter your email, I may personally contact you to see if you need any style or color advice when selecting your jewelry

    If you don’t want to enter any information, you are welcome to go straight to my main jewelry site here.

  • Main Jewelry Home Page

    When you click on the Shop Jewelry button above, you will be brought to the Jewelry Party Invite, as explained in the previous section. However, if you don’t want to enter your information, then you can go straight to Your Color Style’s Main Jewelry Home Page to browse and shop.

    The only reason I ask you to go through the Party Invite page is because of Consultant Rewards. In addition to the commissions I earn, I also receive free jewelry. So, you can’t blame a girl for wanting free jewelry… right?

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Jen Thoden
Founder of Your Color Style