Hey there! I’m Jen and I have 3 blogs. I currently work full-time and run these blogs in my spare time.

As of December 2014, after understanding what it means to become financially free in 3 years from being in The Ultimate Game of Life program… I committed to transforming my blogs into a six-figure passive income stream… so that I can leave my corporate job, have time and location freedom and simply have more fun in my life!

So, as a way to stay accountable… I commit to sharing with you my income from each of these blogs and any insights that may help you become more successful with your blogging efforts and online business.

Here is July’s income report…

Blog Income Report

A quick note: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. All of the products listed below are products and services I’ve used before. If you have any questions about any of the income or expenses you can leave a comment and I’ll do my best to reply.



Google Adsense: $710.81
The Blogger Network: $18.52
YouTube: $81.12
Shareasale: $26.80
SimpleSewingProjects.com Memberships: $283.06
Downloadable Sewing Patterns: $54.94

Total Income for SimpleSewingProjects.com: $1175.25


Google Adsense: $26.94
Shop Style Collective: $17.84
Light Spring Style Guide: $27

Total Income for OutfitIdeas4You.com: $71.78

JenThoden.com (this blog)

Google Adsense: $0
My Lead System Pro (MLSP): $204.50

Total Income for JenThoden.com: $204.50

Total Income: $1451.53


Below are some screenshots from Google Analytics. You can click on these images to view a larger size.


Blog Income Report - July 2015


Blog Income Report - July 2015
Blog Income Report
So… this was a slower growth but growth nevertheless! It is so important to celebrate the wins… because what may seem like slow growth is actually HUGE. So, my income didn’t sky rocket from June to July BUT my traffic and audience is growing exponentially.

Here’s a huge blogging tip for you. The money is in your audience. I could say list, but with social media you can have a huge Facebook fan list, a huge Pinterest following… etc. All of this matters. Why does this matter?

If you want to make SOME money… solve a problem by blogging about the topic to SOME people. If you want to make a LOT of money… solve a problem by blogging about it to a LOT of people.

It really is that simple.

Here’s another milestone to aim for. Once your blog is getting 100k page views or more a month… all of sudden the ad networks come out of the woodwork. Everyone wants to share with you how they can make you more money. Plus you start to receive paid post opportunities.

So, I just hit this milestone…. yay! And I’m exploring my options.

As of July 29th, I allowed The Blogger Network to replace all of my adsense ads with theirs. And… it is only Aug 2nd as of writing this, but I am not impressed. Adsense clearly out performs TBN… at least for my blog. I will say that TBN is very nice. I have an account management team. They are trying to improve their ad performance… but I went from $25+/day to $10. Not good.

The other thing I’m not thrilled with is that the revenue reporting for TBN is delayed at least 24 hours. Where as Adsense is real time. Now, maybe I wouldn’t care as much if the earnings were higher. I don’t regret this experiment. You don’t know what you don’t know. There are questions I would have asked ahead of time… but you still don’t know how an ad network will perform on your site until you try it.

I’m not under any contract and I can switch back to Adsense at any time. I can’t see the revenue reports for this weekend (another problem) but I’m willing to wait and see the reports through Tuesday. Then, I’m going to have to make a decision because I’m losing a lot of money right now.

UPDATE: The earnings were low… and I was ready to switch back to Adsense BUT I have a better idea. I took a look at my lower performing Adsense ads and compared them to the TBN ads. There’s not that much of a difference. So, I decided to put back my highest performing Adsense ad and keep The Blogger Network ads for a while. This might be a win-win.

I think it’s worth giving this experiment the month of August and see how the remaining TBN ads perform. I turned off their Image Ads too. These were very low performing, slowing down my site and distracting to my readers. I’ll let you know in my next income report how things went. Hopefully profitably!

The Blogger Network’s account management team is super fast in response time and they are supposed to be working on improving performance day to day. So, I’m feeling optimistic… and not broke!

I tested increasing my Facebook engagement ads to $2/day for the posts that seemed to be performing well… in hopes that the ad revenue would double. It did not. The more traffic you send to a post… the lower the visitor value becomes. At least, that’s what I’m seeing.

So, 500 visitors at $20 does not equal 1000 visitors at $40. It’s more like $30. As an example.

But what I did determine is my own little formula. In Google Analytics I can see how much each post is earning for the month. Again, something else I’m not getting from TBN. As long as the average earnings are $20+ per thousand page views, I’m continuing the $1/day Facebook engagement ad. If it drops below $20, I stop the ad and move on. Most of my posts drop below $20, but I’ve discovered about 5 posts that perform very well and are shared like crazy out on Facebook. So for these, I’m continuing the $1/day engagement ads.

As long as the post itself is earning at least $30/month, it’s worth it to me to keep the FB ad going at $30/month. I watch this carefully and stop any ad that is not returning a net profit.

As for the fashion blog, I sent out 2 newsletters in June. When I did, the adsense earnings shot up. But the reality is, I can’t split my energy up. I need to focus on growing ONE blog so that I can afford to delegate the work out and free up time. So, I pretty much did nothing for this blog in July and yet, my earnings still increased. I can’t wait to have more time to focus on this blog. I am passionate about color, fashion, styling and clothes!

Another important take away from July. I focused completely on the sewing blog. I sent a newsletter every single day Monday through Friday. Posted consistently and I watched my traffic, page views, blog engagement and revenue increase. Consistency is key.

I also found a few key topics that I could repeat from week to week. This is making it easier to create content and schedule it out across the month. I’ll be traveling about 10 days in August, so it’s super important that I schedule out my posts and newsletters ahead of time… so that I don’t lose earnings. The site is too small to expect it to coast on its own right now.

For August, I am updating all of my sewing e-books and putting them in one place on the site. Visitors will be able to find them under “e-books”. I’m putting all of my e-books into ClickBank so that I can attract affiliates. This has already resulted in $30 in sales in August as of writing this post. Creating your own digital products is a really smart way to monetize your blog. Start thinking about the problems your readers have that you may have a solution to.

I’m also going to start blogging about my personal sewing projects and adventures… to give a more personal touch to the sewing blog. The personal connection is VERY important.

And… last but not least… my boyfriend, Joe, and I are starting our own lifestyle blog. We couldn’t be more excited! It’s called For The Love of Beer and Stuff. Joe loves the idea of sharing his thoughts and research on buying things… we explore new craft breweries almost weekly… we love to cook… and we have a combined family of 5 that is worth sharing our experiences. So… I will keep you posted on how the lifestyle blog grows.

I’m excited to see what August will hold!

See you next month!

Jen Thoden