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Just For You – Daily Confidence 14

Just For You - Daily Confidence 14

Just For You - Daily Confidence 14

Sometimes, when I’m running a long distance (for me) and I’m feeling pretty accomplished… I want to tell the next runner that passes me.

I wanna yell “Hey! Look at me! I’m on mile 6!”

And then I think, why in the world would that guy care?

Or I’ll take the time to straighten up the bedroom. Fresh sheets, clothes put away, dust and vacuum. Bed made. So, nice. As soon as I see Joe, I say… so, did you see the bedroom?

As if it were some amazing change.

I find myself in this pattern often.

I do something and then seek out acknowledgement.

Let me ask you… if I never saw a single soul on that run or if Joe was out of town… would those accomplishments mean less to me?

This is something that I’m working on because I feel like I can’t be truly happy about something without outside acknowledgement.

But I’m not living my life for “them”. I’m living for me and one of the things that I choose to practice is doing something just for me. Learning to be happy without outside acknowledgement.

Do you struggle with this? Comment if you do.

When I finish a run and Joe asks “How was your run?” I say great! And I refrain from telling him my stats. Because the only reason I would share my time and distance is to hear him say “Wow. That’s great.”

And no, I don’t shout out to the fellow runners in the morning. But I so want to… and I wonder… do they want to tell me too?

Practice doing things just for you. Not for anyone else.

Talk to you tomorrow!


Jen Thoden

PS. Sharing is giving which is just good karma. Share this post so that others can benefit from this positive message. Thanks in advance 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Just For You – Daily Confidence 14

  1. Another angle to consider…sometimes I like feedback because it lets me know I have met the need. Sometimes I will share a success just for the fun in it. It can be a happy thing to share an accomplishment. On the other hand, I definitely do more of the things for my family that they give feedback on that is positive. If I feel like a dentist pulling teeth (compliments) then I figure they aren’t that into whatever it is. 😉

  2. This is so true Jen! I am sure I do the same thing with things I do. I love that “practice doing things just for you”…
    Thanks so much!!! Karen S.

  3. I think as we get older & our children get older, (& have left the home) it is easier to carve out more “ME” time. It has been for me. Hang in there is the best I can say to my daughter-in-law & offer her the occasional moment while I take the boys!

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