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Kim Kardashian’s New Hair Color – It’s all wrong!

What in the world was Kim Kardashian thinking?! Seriously. This bleached out white hair makes her look ill. All the color is drawn out of her face. She actually looks older.

Kim Kardashian
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Kim Kardashian With Ash Blonde Hair
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This is a perfect example of what NOT to do when coloring your hair. You should do whatever you want and love… but if your goal is to look BETTER and for your hair color to complement your coloring and features… then avoid what Kim did.

Your new hair color should be in the same color family as your original hair color and season. Kim Kardashian is a deep winter. Her natural coloring is deep and cool. Her skin is an olive to tan color. To go from deep, almost-black hair to ashy white blonde is too far on the spectrum.

An ashy blonde is a light summer. Light summers have fair skin, light eyes and light blonde hair. In order for this blonde hair to work on Kim, she would have to have to share SOME color characteristic of the light summer. But she doesn’t. So, instead, she looks like she has a wig on. It’s awful. Deep winters demand deep rich vibrant color.

If she really wanted to change things up… and clearly not look “natural” she should have gone for some deep purple streaks or tips.


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