Lipstick Colors For Autumns

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Autumns should choose lipstick colors that are rich and deep such as cinnamon, salmon, or any of the deep reds. Choose lipsticks that are either matte or at the most semi-glossy for day wear.  For evening, use just a hint of gloss.


lipstick-Excessive_1 Excessive
Matte Burgundy
All Autumns
lipstick-Fourtunate_1 Fortunate
Creamy Red-Brown
All Autumns
lipstick-Swanky_1 Swanky
Shimmery Red-Brown
All Autumns (evening)
lipstick-Upscale_1 Upscale
Shimmery Peach
Tinted Autumn (evening)
Toned Autumn (evening)
lipstick-Well to Do_1 Well-To-Do
Shimmery Nude
Tinted Autumn


Touch of Color
Bright Coral


Tinted Lip Balm - Vanilla: Lip Bonbons

Vanilla Milkshake

Clean and clear for a natural look SHOP

Tinted Lip Balm - Cherry: Lip Bonbons

Cherry Cobbler

Cherry-red and romantic SHOP

Tinted Lip Balm - Coral: Lip Bonbons

Chocolate Truffle

Coral for a special treat SHOP

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