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Lovely in Lace

When you are feeling a little sexy and want to show of your sensual side without being to revealing, turn to your lace.

We are not talking about your unmentionables, we are talking about your lace dress, pants, and shoes that make your feel super sexy.

Lace can be very tricky to wear so here are a few tips to keeping it classy.

1. Look for bright color hues in lace. Find lace in colors like yellow, green and pink.

2. If you don’t want to wear a lace dress, opt for lace accessories like gloves, shoes or jewelry.

3. When it comes to lace there is no need for a lot of accessories.

4. Add different textures to your lace. We all know that leather and lace have a relationship like no other.

The most important accessory that you can wear when it comes to complementing lace is confidence!

How do you wear your lace?

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