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May’s Capsule Wardrobe For Toned Spring (Soft Spring)

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This month’s wardrobe capsule includes some of my favorite colors on a toned spring. I’ve chosen yellow green, golden orange-yellow, celery green, rich turquoise, deep teal, beige and white. I DID start with warm beige but I like what I ended up with. If you prefer, you can always mix any of these colors with warm grey as a top or bottom.


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The Outfits

may-toned-spring outfit10 may-toned-spring outfit9 may-toned-spring outfit8 may-toned-spring outfit7 may-toned-spring outfit6 may-toned-spring outfit5 may-toned-spring outfit4 may-toned-spring outfit3 may-toned-spring outfit2 may-toned-spring outfit1

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