Being stylish is more than wearing the right clothes or being on trend. Being stylish is a mindset. It’s more about FEELING stylish and good about yourself.

For each season, I have a few items that I love to wear over and over again… because they make me feel good. I have a red pea coat that is warm and I just love the color. I wear it all the time and it makes me smile. I have my leather jacket I treated myself to when I was in Florence, Italy. It doesn’t “go” with everything, but I don’t care. When I wear it, I remember the fun I had and I just love it.

It doesn’t have to be clothes that make you feel good about yourself, by the way. Choose a favorite lipstick that you put on that you just love. Or maybe it’s a fun nail color! Here’s a tip, look at your seasonal color palette and choose any of the pinks and reds in that palette for a lipstick. You’ll know it’s the right color for you and if it makes you feel good… then own it! Wear it! For nail polish… ANY color in your palette will look great on your nails. Feeling bold? Wear a blue! Why not? If it makes you smile… perfect!

Maybe it’s a fancy pair of panties? Why not! Or a watch or a pretty pair or earrings. Maybe it’s a drop of cologne or good smelling lotion.

Today (Saturday), I’m off to my daughter’s soccer game. It’s a brisk fall day. I decided to wear a new sweater I got from Athleta. It’s a camel color with a hood. Super casual but it’s so warm and comfy. I love how I look in it. Wearing skinny jeans… and I’m torn between my Uggs or some knee high brown boots. Since it’s a soccer game… I’ll probably wear my Uggs for warmth and comfort. And switch to my boots for tonight. I LOVE my boots!

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Wear something everyday that makes you feel good about yourself. When I’m feeling drab or uninspired, I always grab a scarf in one of my energy colors. Just seeing myself in a great color lifts me up.

You deserve to feel beautiful every single day.

Jen Thoden