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Mood Board: Smile With Love

Love is the magic ingredient to life.

It’s a fact that your mind can only have one thought at a time. It’s impossible to have 2 thoughts at once. It’s also impossible to feel 2 emotions at that same time. If you’re feeling happy, you’re not feeling sad or angry. At that very moment, you only have one thought and one emotion.

You can’t dismiss your feelings. You SHOULD experience your emotions. I’m not suggesting you should ignore them or try to change them.

I am suggesting that if you live your moments in the spirit of love, your life may be more positive and happier.

It is so much easier to deal with difficult people and negative situations in the spirit of love. Your spirit can literally negate someone else’s poison.

Have you ever been around someone that was complaining about something in their life? I’m SURE you have! In fact, if we’re being honest with ourselves, we’ve been that person too. That negative energy can pull you down… and other people down. What if that negative energy was directed AT you?

Imagine how quickly that energy is diffused when you smile and accept that person as they are. That you don’t return the anger or hate. You simply think, this person is going through a tough time. How can I help them?

Try feeling compassion instead of anger. You’ll be amazed at the positive results you’ll attract in your life.

To enjoy the magic of life, smile with love.


Jen Thoden

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