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Moodboard: Happiness Is A Journey

Have you ever caught yourself saying, “When I finally make $X, then I’ll be happy.” “When I get my degree, then I can do what I love.” “Once the kids are out of the house, then I’ll spend more time with my husband.”

What about right now?

If you put off doing something that you really want to do until you reach a goal, you may never do it. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, you’re still the same you. Nothing’s changed. Do you really think you’ll be happy “then”? Do you really think you’ll have more time?

Happiness isn’t a destination. It’s not something you’ll finally feel when you reach your goal, lose that weight or have more time freedom. And the truth is, you will likely not be much happier when those events occur. Sure, you’ll feel better about yourself if you get in shape. But are you really happier?

Practice being happy right now. Life is too short and too precious to wait to enjoy your life.

When I was a mom of 3 small children, I was worn out. No doubt. And for a long time, I couldn’t wait for them to get older. Because THEN life would be easier. For the moms that are reading this, you already know that is simply not true. Well, here’s a little more truth for you. My oldest child, Kelley, was diagnosed with cancer right when she turned 7. All of a sudden the world shifted for me. What was I in a rush for? Why did I think life would get easier if I pushed my children through growing up. Always looking towards the future and never in the now.

Kelley’s tragedy truly woke me up to the present. Enjoy life right now. This very second, look for joy. Because life IS way too short and so so precious.

Happiness is a journey. Practice happiness right now.


Jen Thoden

PS. Here’s an outfit inspired by my mood board 🙂

Outfit Idea: Happiness Is A Journey

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