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Moodboard: Life Can Only Be Understood Backwards; But It Must Be Lived Forwards

Every 3 months, I take some time to reflect on my wins and lessons learned from the past 3 months and from the past year. I list my wins, what worked, what didn’t work and what I want to improve on.

If you’re not happy with where you are today, then something needs to change. Your actions, whether you like it or not, have brought you to this exact moment. If you want your life to be different, then your actions must change.

When I say this to people, they immediately ask, How do I know what action to change?

This is where my exercise of reviewing and taking account of my life every quarter is critical to my success. It’s so important to list what DID go well. We focus so much on what’s not going well, that we lose sight of some of the good things in life. If you always focus on the negative, you will have a difficult time becoming a happy person.

Once I celebrate my wins, I take a critical look at what didn’t go well. I pick one from this list and ask, “How can I improve this?” It might be, remove this from my life. Or try a different approach. For example, something I’ve had on my list in the past is, my friend constantly brings me down and causes drama. I could choose to remove this person from my life. Or choose to have a heart-to-heart conversation. I COULD choose to fight or even complain about my friend. Which choice will serve me best?

Another thing I do, during this retrospective, is write down my next 90 day goals. I make sure my goals are measurable and achievable… and slightly stretchy. I also like to have my goals align with the vision of my life and business.

This is how you know what actions to change. You have some goals. How will you achieve them? Choose 3 actions that you can do everyday to achieve your 90 day goals. It is that simple. I didn’t say it was always easy but it’s just as easy to NOT do the actions.

You have to ask yourself when you decide not to do your actions, “Am I where I want to be?” If it’s no, then push yourself forward. Do something different. Take action.

What are your 90 day goals? Are you taking actions everyday to achieve them?


Jen Thoden

PS. Here’s an outfit idea I created inspired by this mood board.

Outfit Idea

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