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Moodboard: Simplicity Is The Ultimate Sophistication

Ever heard of the phrase, “Keep It Simple Stupid” or something similar.

This is true in style and in life.

Don’t over complicate things. I wonder sometimes if we add in unnecessary details and blockers just so that we avoid the truth.

Maybe we wear too much makeup because we don’t feel beautiful on the inside.

Maybe we simply think, more is better.

Is more better?

I’m not so sure it is. Unless it’s truly designed to improve your life. More time? No such thing. You have the same amount of time as anyone else.

I look at it like this… everything is energy. Every thought. Every action. Every “thing”. The more we clutter our minds, environment and body with stuff… the more energy we tie up… and that means less energy. Why do you think we get so tired and burned out when we have a million things going on in our ahead and around us?

This is true, even in how you dress. There’s a fine line between dressing with an energy vibe and simply looking overdone and maybe a little tired.

Simple is elegant. Simplify your life. Look around you. What is just clutter. What can be cleared away to release that energy? Look at yourself in the mirror. Think simple. What’s just too much?

Simplify your expenses. What is just draining you?

Simplify your closet. You don’t need as much you think you do. And do you really wear all those pieces?

Just some thoughts…


Jen Thoden

PS. Here’s an outfit inspired by this mood board.

Outfit Idea: Simplicity Is The Ultimate Sophistication

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