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Neutral Undertones

Jen explains how she sees neutral undertones and why you still may not be completely neutral.

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3 thoughts on “Neutral Undertones

  1. Sounds fair ‘n yet what about those of us who are so brown to look at, you know dark brown eyes, dark brown hair & dusky brown skin. We can fit in so many of these categories – autumn, winter, soft summer …. you begin to think why did I start looking into this???
    Also sent for the quiz around 4 times, step 1 never arrives.

  2. Hey Jen,
    Is there a way to turn off the background music in your newer videos? It’s distracting to me, LOL! Love your series!

  3. Hi Meredith!

    I just want to say that your comment, ‘those of us who are so brown to look at’, the probability is that you will fall into warm or cool. Women of color are no different from anyone else who fall into warm or cool. That is the joy of Jen’s system. I have analyzed women who are in the full range of color from the lightest to the darkest, and there is no predetermined category where individuals fit. I have reviewed images and have had a thought about what the individual might be, however, was proven completely wrong when I worked through the analysis process. Skin color is one factor only that we take into consideration, and by no means is it the the deciding factor. I have analyzed women of color who believed themselves to be one colorstyle because of their skin color, only to find that assumption was incorrect. As women, we are each individual, unique, and beautiful beings. Knowing the colors that are best for us is an equally individual journey that escorts our true, authentic selves towards colors that reflect, support, enhance, appreciate, champion, and celebrate the unique woman that each of us is. In Jen’s system, there are no stereotypes.

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