How To Get A Complimentary Color Analysis

FINALLY Know What Colors Look Good On You

From the desk of Jen Thoden
November 1, 2017

Are you trying to figure what colors look best on you?

Have you been told by different people that you are different seasons or color types?

Perhaps you've invested hundreds or even THOUSANDS of $$ in professional color analyses only to leave you more confused?

I hear you. I really do.

I want to help.

My full color analysis fee is $297 but I know that after being dragged through the color analysis ringer a few times... it's tough to invest in another system and expect a better result. Right?

So, I've come up with an extremely affordable option that I think you're really going to enjoy.

The reality is... you simply want to know your color type so that you can order your color fan... edit your closet... and binge Pin on Pinterest outfit ideas and style guides in your colors.

I've created a set of color analysis cards that are designed to quickly and easily help you figure out your color type. But YOU don't have to figure it out. I'M going to do your color analysis. Yep.

This is the BEST way I can think of to help you at a VERY affordable price.



How This Works

Step 1: Order Your Color Analysis Cards

You will receive 4 color analysis cards. 1 for each color type. Bright & Warm, Bright & Cool, Soft & Warm and Soft & Cool. Each card includes only the colors that will look good on that color type.

5.5" x 7.25"

14pt silk finish card stock

Step 2: Send Me Your Photos

Watch the video and follow the instructions. You will send me a set of photos of you with your color analysis cards. This works really well because even if the lighting isn't the best... the lighting is consistent on you AND the cards.

Step 3: I Create A YouTube Video

Once I receive your photos based on my instructions, I create a YouTube video of your color analysis. Watch the video on your right to see what your color analysis video would look like.

Celeste Tepedino

I have been draped in the 4 season system as a spring but was very limited with my palette. I knew that I could wear colors that were not in my spring palette! I even thought maybe I could be an autumn because I could also wear cranberry and olive green.But these colors were not in my spring palette. Jen was amazing and was able to tell I was warm, bright and medium! Her palettes are amazing! they go beyond the seasonal systems. My coloring makes so much sense now. Her on line card draping is just as accurate as an “in-person” draping. I highly recommend having your colors done with her!

Celeste Tepedino

Order Your Color Analysis Cards Today Only $27

Your color analysis cards are only $27! Once you receive your cards, submit your photos to and receive your color analysis video within 5 to 10 business days.

My full color analysis fee is $297 but you can learn what colors look best on you for only $27! Wow! What are you waiting for?! Order your color analysis cards today.