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You have cool undertones which means that your skin has pink, olive or blue tones in it. If you happened to land on this page from a search engine, and you’re trying to find out what season you are, then you are in the right place. This is one of the pages in my online seasonal color analysis quiz. If you know you have cool undertones, then stay right here and move on to the next question. Or you can start the quiz from the beginning.

You are COOL and that means you fit into one of two seasons. Summer or Winter. Once you determine if you are a summer or a winter, then the quiz will guide you through the process of customizing your season so that you’ll know exactly what colors will look perfect on YOU.

Are you a summer or a winter?


Summer - Seasonal Color Analysis

Summer’s are LIGHT and COOL. You have pink undertones. Do you have blonde hair with blue eyes? Do you have soft grey eyes with mousy brown hair? Cool blue eyes or green-grey eyes? Ashy brown or blonde hair?



Winter - Seasonal Color AnalysisWinter’s are DEEP and COOL. You have olive or blue undertones. Do you have dark hair? Clear blue or violet eyes? Are your eyes cool brown to dark brown? Maybe your eyes are dark cool hazel? If you have dark hair and blue eyes, you are also a winter.


You don’t have to guess. It’s not worth it. Let me help you discover your perfect colors. Sign up for my personal seasonal color analysis and I’ll give you a professional color analysis based on the advanced 4×4 color system.

Jen Thoden