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Packing For A Cruise – Module 1 – 9 Items 9 Outfits

So, I’m going on a cruise! Tomorrow! Wahoo!

And I thought I’d bring you along on my packing journey… because it’s fun… and it helps me get organized!

I decided to pack in modules… 9 items each… creating 9 possible outfits.

The thing is… I like options when I travel… but I don’t want to over pack… too much.

I’m not sure how many modules I will pack yet. I thought I’d start out with this first one that will get me¬†through 2 to 3 days. For me, I really don’t like wearing tops more than once… because I get all sweaty. So… although I have options, I will likely not wear 9 outfits. But, I’ll have at least one nice dinner outfit and a few cute day time outfits.

Plus, I added in 3 items that I can reuse in the second module. Those are the sandals, jean jacket and scarf.

This first module is mainly black and white with a splash of a favorite color. Again, this will allow me to reuse a few items as needed. The feature photo shows you all the items and the first 3 outfits. You can wear the scarf and jean jacket as needed. The AC on cruise ships is freezing… so I’m coming prepared!

Shop this module:

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