Color Fans

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  • We’re making room for the new color fans. The new color fans will be two shrink wrapped sets of cards with a hole drilled through them.
  • You will receive one pack of all the colors in your color palette and one pack of all the Cool & Universal Neutrals.
  • Each page will be one full color with the color name, color wheel number and temperature
  • You will have access to an online guide that will show you tips on how to customize your collection of colors
  • The colors are updated and tweaked. The new color fans will be a higher price point, so don’t miss out on getting the current color fan at a HUGE discount

Your color fan has all of your best colors to wear. Take it with you when you shop for clothes, lipstick and blush.

“I just bought the color fan and it is definitely the best purchases I have ever made. I take it, inå my purse, everywhere. Thank you!”

~ Karen B.

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Showing all 12 results