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Q & A : Confused? Cool skin with warm hair?

Jen addresses the confusion of having cool toned skin with warm hair or warm toned skin with cool hair.

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3 thoughts on “Q & A : Confused? Cool skin with warm hair?

  1. Still confused, as I have warm light golden hair, warm golden peachy skin and cool bright steelblue eyes. Have been to 3 color analysis and been named True honey toned Spring, Clear colorbox Spring and finally Light coralline Spring. So what am I? Annette from Sweden.

    1. Hi Annette

      You sound like you are a Bright Level 4 (see this link)
      with warm undertones.

      You would use the Warm and Bright color fan and Bright Color Wheel.

      I’d say you are Bright, Warm and Light.

      Hope this helps


  2. Hi again and thank you for your answer, I was confused as I thought my mix of cold and warm made me soft! But when wearing soft colored clothes I look tired and washed out. Clear colored clothes on the other hand makes me shine 😊 Annette from Sweden

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