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Q & A: Light orange hair with army green eyes

Jen discusses how to balance the intensity of colors to be more in harmony with your coloring and tone.

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1 thought on “Q & A: Light orange hair with army green eyes

  1. Hi Jen I am a single parent 48 year olds with an 11 year old son I have been done it seems soft summer cool summer every season even winter I don’t think it’s very hard to determine what I am I believe I have warm olive skin and blue gray eyes but my sister lastly has done me as an Autumn I warm Autumn I feel this is correct but I would like to take and do your course but I don’t know if I can afford it I am on a limited budget we don’t get cash assistance and I don’t know how to go about doing your color analysis in the weather and not it is feasible and affordable for me could you please send me some information as to how much it is and what you need from me and then I can determine whether or not I’m able to afford it and go forward I thank you very much for your kindness compassion and your time please let me know thank you and peace out

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