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Q & A : Olive Skin Hazel Eyes Blonde Hair

Jen answers the questions, what color type am I if I have olive skin tone, hazel eyes, medium blonde hair and can wear silver?

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1 thought on “Q & A : Olive Skin Hazel Eyes Blonde Hair

  1. Hi Jen, boy, this description caught my attention because it would be mine too. I have always been able to get away with two-toned gold/silver, depending on my hair shade at the time. Those of us who are European mixes, in my case Greek/Hispanic tend to change in seasons or hair styles. I was born very fair with hazel green eyes and dark, almost black hair like my Greek father who had black hair/blue eyes. Over the years, however, after suntans and realizing I look much better blonde, I kept that look since high school. So in essence, what used to look like fair/blue veined/winter , is now blonde/olive/green veined/hazel green/brown eyes and I am much more drawn to soft, and also gold jewelry rather than two toned. Thanks for your informative videos!

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