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Q & A: The balance of energy

Jen discusses how to balance the intensity of colors to be more in harmony with your coloring and tone.

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1 thought on “Q & A: The balance of energy

  1. I have very similar coloring to the friend you described: red mahogany hair, olive green eyes (pretty much an exact match to your 6A color) and very golden skin. I absolutely agree that a lack of color makes me both look AND feel drained. It was honestly a factor in both me and my daughter who is also Bright, Warm and Deep being unable to get enthused about a traditional wedding dress. We each ended up choosing a reception only for the main celebration and boycotting pale-colored dresses altogether! I’m happy to see more and more ‘color-rebels’ out there willing to break the white/ivory tradition. On a day you hope to look and feel your best a dearth of color does not work for a lot of us!

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