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Q&A: Does Jen have cool undertones or warm undertones?

Jen addresses the many comments on her coloring. Is she warm or cool?

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6 thoughts on “Q&A: Does Jen have cool undertones or warm undertones?

  1. Great video Jen. Your cards are truly great. For example, I have what appears to be a very cool skin tone, very purple looking, doesn’t tan, but I had reddish hair most of my adult life and extremely warm hazel eyes. Even my gray hair looks like an ashy blonde grey compared to other people with gray hair. However, if you put those cool blue reds on me I look grey and ashy like the walking dead. I am warm and muted. I may look good in some of the brighter colors on the warm muted palette but clear chroma colors are just too bright on me. I am a soft warm medu=ium since my eyes are relatively dark.

    1. I’m so glad the cards have helped you and thank you for sharing!


  2. Dear Jen, I have enjoyed viewing numerous videos that you have produced. In light of the comments you say other viewers have voiced concerning your personal coloring, I would like to offer a suggestion. Being dominantly warm would mean that you may want to consider wearing gold-toned jewelry to harmonize better with your coloring. In many of your videos you wear what appears to be bright silver necklaces. I personally do not think it is harmonious with your warm coloring, especially your hair. Wearing what appears to be bright silver may be what is throwing other viewers off and questioning your warm color category. The combination of silver jewelry with the gray backdrop is overwhelming your personal coloring. I find that cool-toned people look better in silver and other cool-colored metals, and warm-toned people look better in gold and other warm metals. I think it is a misnomer that an individual can successfully wear both. Your thoughts?

  3. I agree with everything Kathleen said Jen. The silver jewelry doesn’t harmonize well with you 🙂

  4. I also was going to ask why you have switched to the silver colored necklace? You have the really gold colored one that you used to wear all the time which I really liked.

  5. Hello, I also agree with the jewelry comments posted above. Is this a topic that you could address? I don’t think that cool undertoned people look good in silver based metals. Deciding on which metal looks best (gold or silver) is one of the tools that I use to determine undertone. Thanks for your posts Jen – I really appreciate the knowledge and expertise that you are sharing with us.

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