Q&A - I'm a soft winter but why can't I wear dark colors?

Q&A – I’m a soft winter but why can’t I wear dark colors?


Is it possible to be deep soft and medium? I was typed as a soft winter. I have brown almost black hair and medium olive skin (medium value contrast, low color contrast), and I look great in some light pastels and some winter true colors (true blue etc), but the deep colors look HORRIBLE on me and they are supposed to look great on Winters, so I am wondering is it possible to be medium instead of deep? Or is it possible to have dark hair and not be made for deep colors?

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  • Reply Meredith March 7, 2018 at 11:04 am

    Hi Jen
    I’m medium skin tone. I have very dark eyes that look almost black in some photos and a very deep hazel in others and my hair used to be a medium ashy brown with a hint of chocolate and gold through it. But as I aged my hair darkened to a deep chocolate then dark ash (looks black to most!)
    So the trick is if you stay natural you’re one set of colours and if you listen to hairdressers and go back a few shades toward your younger hair colour and get highlights you change direction again. This becomes expensive and confusing,
    As for the lady in question she could have been me and I’ll say that I have to wear black prints ie: black with deep taupe, blank with bronzed buttons, black with brushed gold, black with stone etc., I can only wear a MUTED deep navy mixed with clay or similar. I find I can play with warm autumn and deep autumn and soft deep winter depending on the time of year.
    Maybe a first class cosmetics counter will accurately tell her that in reality she has neutral
    skin not olive.

  • Reply Meredith March 7, 2018 at 11:13 am

    I’m deep fair neutral and I look very gold or bronzed in summer and dusky medium in winter
    However, I’ve learned that a palette may have certain parameters but don’t necessarily all suit you. In any given palette you may only have 6 “power” colours that are really knock out colours. The rest amazingly can suit others of the same colour family who are variants of yourself.

    I was told by a stylist in person that I was like her and could do winter and autumn. This lady may do the same?
    After years figuring this out I’ve chosen 6 of my best colours and my best neutrals and stuck by it. Less expense. Less hassle. Less confusion. Less time pondering and actually working it!

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