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Q&A : Red hair with blue grey eyes – what season am I?

Jen answers the following question: “I have orange hair but grey-blue eyes. I have never been able to tell whether my skin is cool or warm. My veins are purple or blue in some places but green in others. I have not yet found a foundation that matches my skin perfectly because my cheeks are very pink but I think I also have sun damage because it’s warm and freckled in some areas of my face, and it’s all much darker than the skin on my body. What am I?”

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2 thoughts on “Q&A : Red hair with blue grey eyes – what season am I?

  1. This is me too! I have lighter auburn hair, blue eyes and neutral skin (green and blue veins). I bought the color cards and I can’t really tell if the cool or warm looks better…I know the brights look terrible. I think I do have a warmness to my skin, but also have the pink on the cheeks and nose.

  2. I can relate to this by having both warm and cool qualities, but although I’m a bit new to this blog and I understand the color palettes, I don’t know where to ask this, but I try:

    What Color Palettes or Seasons would you put somebody who is more likely warm and clear, but cannot wear yellow?

    For me, a whole analysis isn’t a necessary, but I can’t figure out this one out. I’ve a “warm pink” overall tone (pale peach looks naked on me and one of my main makeup color), with deep clear blue-grey eyes and a neutral hair color. Naturally a deep ash-blonde but looks better in lighter warm hair colors. Every warm and clear colors EXCEPT yellow works with my colorings, True red, Softer oranges like Peach, Corals/Warm pinks, etc works great while Mustard, Olive, Camel etc (I.e Autumn) make me look muddy while most summer colors don’t necessary look bad but makes me a lot paler than I’m naturally. Only yellow that work on me is the pale icy one.

    Is it common that a person with Spring qualities look bad in yellow-based colors? I found out that my best ones are red and pink but warm based colors. Closest Celebs are Taylor Swift and Scarlet Johnson except I’ve slightly natural darker (more to medium than light) qualities so I definitely think summer is my secondary palette especially on non-dyed hair.

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